About Yagoona Lights

This is my 5th year of doing computer controlled Christmas lights.

in 20120 I had 36 channels of light

in 2011 I had 48 channels of lights

In 2012 i had 610 channels of lights

In 2013 I  have over 11,000 channels

in 2014 was over 14,500 channels



So what is Planned for 2015????

in 2015 we are moving to a new location. Yes that means we are selling up and looking for a new canvas for our display. so we will have a small display at the new place in 2015. also due to us moving we will have to have a name change. and that will be to Ben’s Christmas lights and that will also mean a new website that is up and under construction at the moment. to all those that have seen our show at Yagoona lights we hope to see you at our new location that will be advertised later this year when we move to the new house.


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